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You know the phrase two heads are better than one? The Gemini™ PT750RSBI Gas Grill by Napoleon® proves it. With twin grilling heads, you have twice the grilling power. The smaller grill features two 29,000 BTU infrared burners for small fast jobs. The main grilling area has 3 stainless steel, 43,500 BTU tube burners for the rest. The Prestige™ II Series Gemini™ Grill has big personality, providing all of your outdoor cooking needs in one place.



The Gemini™ PT750RSBI has everything you need for traditional grilling. Sear, roast and even bake with both grilling heads. The superior heat retention ensures that you can use your grill like an oven. The included, commercial quality, rotisserie kit lets you baste your favorite roasts in their own juices while rotissing the perfect meal. The 30,000 BTU range side burner allows you to pan fry, sear, steam and simmer while you’re grilling the perfect meal. You can even turn your Gemini™ into a smoker with the stainless steel smoker tube. Just fill it with soaked wood chips and place it over a lit burner. Have a craving for the taste of charcoal grilling? The cast iron charcoal tray slides easily into the PT750RSBI. Light your charcoal quickly with the gas, then grill your favorite meals for authentic charcoal taste on a gas grill.

The Prestige® II Series PT750RSBI has two dedicated ceramic infrared bottom burners. These infrared burners heat within seconds to provide optimum conditions for searing. Use the other grill head as a secondary food preparation station. Bake, sear or even rotiss different foods at different temperatures. Imagine doing a huge turkey for family and friends on the rotisserie, while at the same time, smoking or rotissing a ham. Two heads really are better than one.

Napoleon’s Gemini™ PT750RSBI has something for everyone, from beginner to advanced griller. Fit up to 28 burgers over the main tube burners, up to 18 burgers over the infrared burners. That means you can feed a horde by grilling up to 46 satisfying 4-inch burgers. Have some latecomers to the party where you cooked those 46 burgers? The Gemini’s built in warming drawer keeps food warm while you entertain. With the president’s limited lifetime warranty, your Gemini™ PT750RSBI is guaranteed to light every time. The JETFIRE™ ignition system is built to last. The singular design keeps the igniter mechanism stays cool by shooting a jet of flame to light the burners. When it’s done, the igniter is well away from flame, staying cool and lasting longer.

The Gemini™ PT750RSBI is all 304 stainless steel construction, from the durable cart to the top of the double walled lids. Even the uniquely shaped WAVE™ rod cooking grids are made from 8-millimeter stainless steel. And every Gemini™ PT750RSBI Gas Grill is test fired before packaging to ensure starting as soon as it’s out of the box.

In every box for the Gemini™ PT750RSBI Gas Grill you will find a fully assembled grill head that has been test fired to ensure it lights immediately out of the box. There is everything you need to assemble the cart, including hardware, the stainless steel cooking grids, and the warming racks. You will also find the manual, our exclusive Prestige® Series All Season Cookbook and a commercial quality rotisserie kit with spit, forks, counterweight and motor.

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